Paul grew up in the GTA, he spent summers at the family cottage on Georgian Bay, where he developed an appreciation of nature and the beauty within each season.  Paul’s grandparents instilled in him the importance of leaving beauty where you found it, unspoiled.  Thus began his quest to accurately capture what he saw, adding to his memories of his childhood and adolescence.  As Paul matured his vision did as well.  No longer content to take pictures, he began developing his artistry with his photographs into abstract impressions.
Paul has an eye for seeing things in a new way, transcending what is “real” and capturing the essence of the scene.   He knows that things are seldom as they first appear, that there is complexity underlying apparent simplicity.  His aim is to find the extraordinary within what many consider the ordinary and to bring it into awareness.  This awareness is changing, reflecting himself and his mood at any given moment in time. 
The artistry of the photographs created by Ansel Adams inspired Paul to explore black and white photography – creating images that are at once simple and powerful.  He uses 7 shades of black ink. The gradation is far superior to the standard 3 black inks from Epson. The subtleties inherent in the shades of gray are compelling, adding depth and richness to the image. Although black and white photography continues to be Paul’s preferred mode of expression, over the last few years he has examined how a broader range of his vision can be depicted through colour.
Paul hopes that his interpretations of our world resonate with yours, such that one of his photos is worth more than a thousand words. 

My motto says it all: “The camera is only a tool for capturing what’s in your mind’s eye.”