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Shelburne & Orangeville Fire Departments Respond To A House Fire

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Shelburne & Orangeville Fire Departments responded today to a house fire on County Rd #11 at the 25th Sideroad of Amaranth Twp. The home was destroyed, and thankfully no one was injured. Here are a few of the images of the fire.

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Here is the excerpt from the Orangeville Banner’s Richard Vivian.
‘Accidental’ fire causes $125K in damages. Hot ashes from a wood stove set off an “accidental” residential fire near Shelburne this week, said Fire Chief Steven Horsley. Firefighters were called to a home on Dufferin Road 11, south of 25 Sideroad, at about 12:45 p.m. Monday (Jan. 11). “It started around the porch,” Horsley said of the fire. “It’s a total wood house, so it doesn’t take long to get going.” No one was injured in blaze. The only person inside the house when fire broke out was a female homeowner, Horsley said, explaining she called 911 and was waiting safely in the driveway when firefighters arrived. Damage is estimated at about $125,000, he said, noting the family has insurance.
“It (fire) came up the back of the house, up through the roof. … There are holes in the floor where it got down in some flooring,” Horsley said in describing damage to the house. “It was sort of in the basement, main floor, right up into the second floor and into the roof.” Firefighters remained on scene for about eight hours. A tanker truck and crew from Orangeville were called in to assist.
Asked if he wanted to offer any words of caution for people as a result of the fire, Horsley said, “If they do have wood stoves, these things (ashes) should be contained in metal buckets — taken out in a metal pail and left somewhere away from the house, still in that metal bucket until they cool down. Maybe leave them for a day or so.”

Fatal Accident in Dufferin County

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There was a head on accident on Dufferin County Rd #3 between the 25th and 30th sideroads in Amaranth Township early tonight. One person lost their life, and a second who is in critical condition was airlifted to hospital.

A Twenty-year-old female, her mother 41, and brother 15, were driving along County Road 11 through Amaranth in their BMW convertible on their way to visit relatives in Shelburne Friday evening.

According to police, a southbound Dodge pickup, driven by a 57-year-old man, crossed the centre line and collided head-on with the BMW.

The mother who was from Caledon, was pronounced dead at the scene. The daughter was airlifted to Hamilton General Hospital where she succumbed to her injuries; the son was airlifted to SickKids Hospital in Toronto with serious injuries. He is expected to pull through, police said.

As reported by the Orangeville Banner.

It’s a Green Day

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Yesterday I was asked by Sideroads magazine of Dufferin County, to photograph an assignment for them for the upcoming fall issue. It involved going out to a farm in the Shelburne area to photograph the process of making goat’s milk soap. So I quipped back to the editor “uh huh goat soap on a rope…” yeah yeah I know don’t give up my day job!

If you would like more information on goat soap not on a rope…

You can contact Tracy Mercer at Green Day Farms

Unexpected Find…

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After my fill of strawberries for the day, I decided to go home and pickup the dogs and take them up to Pine River Provincial Park. On the way just outside of Hornings Mills, there were these flowers on the roadside just on the edge of sunlight, so I had to stop (to the dogs consternation) and take a few pictures. It only took about 5 minutes for the light to shift in the right direction, but to the “kids” it was all day…

We arrived at the park about 5 minutes later to the dogs delight.

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Strawberry Fields Forever…

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A month ago I was asked for some images of strawberries to run on the front cover of a magazine. Unfortunately, I did not have a stock image for them. So I set out looking for a local berry patch… Not a lot of strawberry fields in Dufferin County, but I remembered that Jenala Farms on County Rd. 11 just north of the 20th sideroad, have berry patches, both strawberries & raspberries. So I took a drive over to meet the owners, Ken & Faye Brett, Ken said “the berries are running late this year due to a cool spring”, so I was out of luck… “come back in a month and they will be ready”.

Well today I stopped in on my way home, and guess what?… they had berries!!! Tonnes and tonnes of berries. Ken and Faye were kind enough to let me rummage through the patch looking for a place to make an image or a few… After what I thought was a sufficient number of images to work with, I started to leave when I saw a family picking berries with this cute little girl with long blonde hair. Her fingers were drenched in red berry juice, so I asked her mom & dad if I could photograph the moment!

If you are looking for fresh ripe strawberries contact Jenala Farms @ (519) 925-5464 or, or better yet stop by. They produce asparagus, strawberries, raspberries and sweet corn.

Faye said that the “asparagus has just finished last week, but the raspberries will be ready in about 3 weeks, and they are looking great”.

Here is just a small sample of the images captured today, ENJOY…

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Shelburne District Fire Department Training

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I would like to thank Chief Horsley & all of his staff for allowing me to photograph their training session. I especially would like to thank Instructor Ken Jones of FIRE-RESQ CONSULTING for letting me get underfoot, thanks Ken!. Due to weather conditions the session took place inside the Fire Hall, which limited my capabilities photographically. Ken is such an animated and fast moving subject he was a hard person to capture in a photograph, quite a few images of him are blurred…

Also on hand was a member of Dufferin County EMS Service, demonstrating a Back/Neck stabilization process for the team. About halfway through the session the new Salvation Army Community Response Vehicle showed up right on time for the team to ventilate & have a refreshment. This Sally Ann unit will be invaluable to to Fire Fighters, EMS, Police and civilians at incidents throughout Dufferin County.

All in all it was a great day (although indoors). My hat goes off to these fine men & women of our Emergency Services. More images are now posted on the website. I shot close to 600 images yesterday.

Shelburne District Fire Department Training

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Tomorrow, Saturday the 20th, I have been invited to photograph a training session of the Shelburne District Fire Department. They are going to be doing extractions on a bus, should be very interesting on how and what they do. Images to follow.

More tk.

Dufferin Child and Family Services Ribbon Cutting Ceremony (Shelburne)

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GRAND OPENING:  The Headwaters Family Visit Centre, a satellite site of the Dufferin Child and Family Services (DCFS), opened on Wednesday in Shelburne.  The centre provides a safe, neutral, and child-focused setting for children to visit with their non-residential parents.  The Shelburne site is open on alternate Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  For more information, please contact Tina Hinsperger, Co-ordinator, 519-941-1530, ext. 325.   

Sideroads Magazine Summer 2009 Cover

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Sideroads Cover Summer 2009 Wow! I am humbled, I have been told that one of my images graces the cover of Sideroads Magazine, a quarterly publication by the Orangeville Banner, a subsidiary of Metroland Media Group. Thank you so much I consider it quite an honor.

Here is the blurb that went along with it!.

“It’s easy to miss pure beauty when you’re looking for something flashier and more obvious; fortunately, that wasn’t the case the day I took this photo of a water lily. The owners of a property on Mono-Amaranth townline told me about a blue crane nesting on one of their ponds. After getting their permission, I arrived at the pond and set up my equipment. Knowing the elusive cranes can be skittish, I sat quietly and waited…and waited…and then I waited some more. Getting a little restless after an hour or so, my attention turned to the water lilies floating gently in the pond. When I squinted my eyes, the scene was reminiscent of a Monet, which inspired me to try to capture on “film” what the painter captured on canvas. I never did see the blue crane that day, but my time was well spent.”

2009 Shelburne Street Festival

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Front Page Orangeville Banner June 16th 2009