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I had a great day yesterday at the Shelburne Residence here in Shelburne. Without the help of Barb Burnley and Christine Downton of Shelburne Residence, I could not have achieved doing this. Quite a few of the Residents came out to have their pictures made. Music is courtesy of Matt Stanfield To download the music.

Now that the printing process has come to a close. I removed the images to give the participants their due privacy.


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On December the 10th I will be getting involved in a movement called HELP-PORTRAIT where we, as photographers, give our time and resources for a day to those we feel are less fortunate or who may be alone this holiday season. I will be doing my part at Shelburne Residence here in Shelburne. Shelburne Residence will be hosting their annual Christmas dinner for residents and their families. I plan on making a portrait, or a family portrait, for all the residents who would like to have a memento of a time in their lives.
Please if you are a pro photographer, amateur photographer or hobbyist photographer GET INVOLVED! Even if you’re not a photographer you can do something to help those who are alone, or who are less fortunate. Please show you care by helping someone, with anything – any little thing, you will be glad you did!