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Happy New Year 2010!

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Orangeville Summer Dodge Rodeo Tour 2009

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Sideroads Magazine Summer 2009 Cover

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Sideroads Cover Summer 2009 Wow! I am humbled, I have been told that one of my images graces the cover of Sideroads Magazine, a quarterly publication by the Orangeville Banner, a subsidiary of Metroland Media Group. Thank you so much I consider it quite an honor.

Here is the blurb that went along with it!.

“It’s easy to miss pure beauty when you’re looking for something flashier and more obvious; fortunately, that wasn’t the case the day I took this photo of a water lily. The owners of a property on Mono-Amaranth townline told me about a blue crane nesting on one of their ponds. After getting their permission, I arrived at the pond and set up my equipment. Knowing the elusive cranes can be skittish, I sat quietly and waited…and waited…and then I waited some more. Getting a little restless after an hour or so, my attention turned to the water lilies floating gently in the pond. When I squinted my eyes, the scene was reminiscent of a Monet, which inspired me to try to capture on “film” what the painter captured on canvas. I never did see the blue crane that day, but my time was well spent.”

Caledon Dressage 2009

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Orangeville Blues & Jazz Fest 2009 (Closing Day) Images

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The name-term FATHEAD does not reflect this group of amazing musicans in anyway shape or forum! As you can see from these images, they like to joke around… but…

When they hit the stage, they turn it on, and turn it up! If you missed them here this weekend, look them up, find a venue where they are playing and enjoy.

See my website for more images of them.

Orangeville Blues & Jazz Fest 2009 (Saturdays) Images

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Some photos are posted on the website, It’s 2 am… will have some pictures here over the next day or so.

Orangeville Ontario’s Island Lake Rowing Club

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I had a great opportunity today to photograph Orangeville Ontario’s Rowing Club. I was late getting there, so I missed the morning mist… hopefully I will get invited back soon.

One of Cathy’s coaches Jen chauffeured me around the lake while I shot these images. She also mentioned that they have classes/lessons for developmentally challenged students as well, which I thought was a fabulous idea and a way to get them involved in different activities.

If you are interested in joining Island Lake Rowing Club, you can contact Cathy Wilson @ (519) 941-6175 or through their website for more information.

More images are uploaded on the website.

2009 Greater Dufferin Chamber of Commerce Awards & Gala

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