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Shelburne & Orangeville Fire Departments Respond To A House Fire

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Shelburne & Orangeville Fire Departments responded today to a house fire on County Rd #11 at the 25th Sideroad of Amaranth Twp. The home was destroyed, and thankfully no one was injured. Here are a few of the images of the fire.

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Here is the excerpt from the Orangeville Banner’s Richard Vivian.
‘Accidental’ fire causes $125K in damages. Hot ashes from a wood stove set off an “accidental” residential fire near Shelburne this week, said Fire Chief Steven Horsley. Firefighters were called to a home on Dufferin Road 11, south of 25 Sideroad, at about 12:45 p.m. Monday (Jan. 11). “It started around the porch,” Horsley said of the fire. “It’s a total wood house, so it doesn’t take long to get going.” No one was injured in blaze. The only person inside the house when fire broke out was a female homeowner, Horsley said, explaining she called 911 and was waiting safely in the driveway when firefighters arrived. Damage is estimated at about $125,000, he said, noting the family has insurance.
“It (fire) came up the back of the house, up through the roof. … There are holes in the floor where it got down in some flooring,” Horsley said in describing damage to the house. “It was sort of in the basement, main floor, right up into the second floor and into the roof.” Firefighters remained on scene for about eight hours. A tanker truck and crew from Orangeville were called in to assist.
Asked if he wanted to offer any words of caution for people as a result of the fire, Horsley said, “If they do have wood stoves, these things (ashes) should be contained in metal buckets — taken out in a metal pail and left somewhere away from the house, still in that metal bucket until they cool down. Maybe leave them for a day or so.”

Arson Charges in Mulmur TWP House Fire

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UPDATE: From the Orangeville Banner’s website. A 49-year-old Mulmur woman is alleged to have burned down her home last weekend. Margaret Diane Morgan-McDougall was arrested at the scene and charged with arson.

Saturday night there was a major house fire in the Township of Mulmur. Shelburne District Fire Dept, Honeywood Fire Dept and Rosemont Fire Dept responded to a home on fire in Violet Hill on Kingsland Dr. The home was destroyed. The Ontario Fire Marshal is investigating.

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Update… Shelburne District Fire Dept Get Involved In Movember! Results

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Well tonight was the night that all the Fire Fighters got back together to compare, brag and rib each other on their “staches”.
Last month I mentioned that some of the members of the Shelburne District Fire Department were getting involved in a fundraiser for Prostrate Cancer. See this blog article.

The total amount raised was $3340.00. With FF Oluf Jensen bringing in the most with $815.00! There were a total of 22 FF involved in the fundraiser. FF Kelly Elderfield is pointing at Capt Dave Hardick, who in her opinion won the “hottest stash contest”
The monies raised are being donated to researching Prostrate Cancer in Canada.

Shelburne District Fire Dept Get Involved In Movember!

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The Shelburne District Fire Dept is getting involved in Movember.  Movember is the month formerly known as November where men start clean shaven and commit to growing a Moustache. To raise funds and awareness for men’s health – specifically prostate cancer.  If you would like to join a global movement changing the face of men’s health sign up for Movember 2009 or you can contact Captain David Holmes at S.D.F.D @ (519) 925-5111 for more information.

The guys are all starting “clean shaven”, I am sure there is going to be some locker room testosterone flowing around over the next month for bragging rights as to who will have the longest stash!

In the first picture S.D.F.D. Chief Steve Horsley is a little reluctant of his Deputy Chief Ed Walsh giving him a shave with a fire axe! Deputy Chief Walsh needed some assistance to keep the Chief still! he is being held down by his Captain’s Eric Horsley, David Holmes and Dave Hardick.

The second picture is showing most of this band of merry firefighters, who are getting involved in this fundraiser. From left to right back row, Dan Prince, Mike Glassford, Rob Matthews, Eric Horsley, David Holmes, Dave Hardick, Duane Foulger, Oluf Jensen and Mark Elderfield. Front row left to right, Tony Quesnelle, Rob Sellar, Jamie Thornington, Ed Walsh, Steve Horsley, Mike Morrell, John Hodge and Shawn MaCrae. Missing from the picture and also in the charity is; Jamie Dempster, Dave Clarke, Rob Crathern, Duane Kettlewell, Os Fleming and Joel Chisholm.